Aren’t they lovelyyyyy~


At the bookstore today I did the thing. You know the thing. The thing where you hold the book and love the book and sob violently as you put the book back because you can’t afford the book.

Yeah. I did that thing.


hello everyone! :D 

i’m going to keep this brief: in honor of reaching 2,000 followers, i am going to give someone two books!!! here are the rules!

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  3. this giveaway is international.
  4. it is open until august 22nd.
  5. and yeah! good luck :D



My new books arrived yesterday😍

For a minute I confused Lola with Isla and I was going to be a very sad person.


day seventeen: all the feels


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mine is neverlandofbooks


Summer is a chance for book-lovers and bibliophiles to be pathological readers and search occupied shelves and roam the halls of antique bookshops to find that book to fall in love with and discover a ‘Narnia’ filled magic.